The CHPS curriculum

Having worked with the new curriculm for a year, we revised our school curriculum for 2015  – 16 and reduced the previous six topics to four topics.

Click HERE to see the 2015 – 16 overview to find out what each class is covering this year and click here to read the curriculum newsletters from each year group!


The links below show a curriculum overview for each year group:


Year 1 Curriculum Overview 2015 – 16

Year 2 Curriculum Overview 2015 – 16

Year 3 Curriculum Overview 2015 – 16

Year 4 Curriculum Overview 2015 – 16

Year 5 Curriculum Overview 2015 – 16

Year 6 Curriculum Overview 2015 – 16


Teachers regularly assess and report pupil progress in all subject areas, with a particular focus on English and Maths. We hold two annual parent evenings and an open evening where we discuss progress and achievements, and a written report is written at the end of the academic year. Assessments take the form of formal, summative assessments such as non-statutory tests and teacher assessments which are carried out throughout the year.

Specialist staff teach gymnastics and music to many of our pupils and we also benefit from specialist teaching in a number of sports including swimming at Avondale Pool throughout the year. Children learn a range of different sports throughout the year including football, lacrosse, netball, cross country, cricket, tennis and swimming and there are a number of different sports clubs for the children to join. Sports Day is held annually in July.  Peripatetic teachers offer tuition in wind, strings and brass instruments.