Merry Christmas 2013

The Elephant Child Animals and Santas outside Hambridge Hall, St James, Uganda!

With love and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year from

Gerry and everyone at St James xxx


To my friends at Cheadle Heath,

This year my Christmas cards are made with photos connected to my project during my stay at St James this year – Uganda’s wild animals as the children and even the teachers did not know what their own animals looked like! They might have written the word elephant or lion but without pictures or books they could never have imagined what they are like. I showed them a video of their own animals, read them stories, sang songs, played games, enjoyed painting, making collages and animal masks all connected to Africa. We concluded the project by putting on a drama telling the story of how the elephant got its long trunk, taken from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Elephant Child’, which we performed in front of parents and the village elders! It was hilarious. I still laugh when I see the photos or think back to the wonderful time we all had. Thank you for your interest and support for my work with the children at St James.

‘Hambridge Hall’, which is what James has called the block of four classrooms is slowly being completed.


love Gerry x x x