Charging policy

The basic premise is that compulsory education in this country is free. However, certain elements of some activities that schools provide may be charged for, the main one being school trips.

Sections 449-462 of the Education Act 1996 set out the law on charging for school activities in schools maintained by local authorities in England (us!). We have a published charging policy which is available in a hard copy from the office, and available to download below, and which includes charging information related to school activities and school visits.

Costs of school trips can be expensive, mainly due to the cost of coach travel and other associated costs such as entry fees, guides, workshop charges, insurance etc. Day trips in school time cannot be charged, whether curriculum based or as end of year trips.  However, schools may ask for voluntary contributions but we always state in letters to parents that a proposed trip may be cancelled if insufficient voluntary contributions are received and there is no alternative method to make up the shortfall.

Schools must not discriminate against any pupil whose parents choose not to contribute. In the event of financial difficulty and hardship, parents are asked to contact Miss Meekley (Headteacher) to discuss the situation in confidence. Please be aware that parents do not subsidise the cost of the trip for others. It is the school that absorbs the cost of any non-payment although, as stated, if insufficient funds are collected then a trip may be cancelled.

Charging Policy – updated March 2016