Autumn Term 2013 Letter

Dear Cheadle Heath Primary,

I’ve been home from Uganda a week now and feel ready to come into your school to say hi to everyone and maybe show some photos or video of my recent stay with your friends at St James. Although the school now has several Friendship Schools James values every one of you and as I mentioned in a previous email he has named an area of the compound Cheadle Heath Road!

Thank you for your donation from your ‘views from our windows’ day. As you see by the photos the money went to buy a door and a window for the new classroom block. I will attach some photos.

It is just amazing where the friendship from you and others over the years has led to – from goats to cows, from small rough wood thatched classroom to the permanent block of four classrooms, Hambridge Hall! James and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You are making an incredible difference to the children who attend St James and in fact to the whole community of Nakakabala who benefit from your kindness and generosity, as St James creates jobs and other advantages in the village.

The children loved the Hands of Friendship that were displayed on the Friendship Tree and then they took them home or hung them in their dormitories. I have the many H of F replies to bring you. I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos of the children at St James drawing round their hands which I sent in a previous email.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love Gerry
October 2013