Equality & Diversity

Equality and Diversity Policy – April 2012


The legal framework for this policy is: The Equality Act. This replaces the previous legislation Race Relations Act / Disability Discrimination Act /Sex Discrimination Act.  The protected characteristics relevant to school are: Sex, race, disability, religion or belief and sexual orientation.


• Eliminate Discrimination

• Advance Equality of Opportunity

• Foster good relations

Cheadle Heath Primary School is a welcoming school where everyone is valued and where tolerance, honesty, co-operation and mutual respect for others are fostered. We are committed to the development of the whole person within a supportive, secure and creative environment. A broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum provides equal opportunity for all pupils to maximise their potential regardless of age, sex, race, colour, religion or disability. We endeavour to promote positive relationships with parents, governors and members of the wider community.

We aim to:

• provide a secure environment in which all our children can flourish and achieve all five outcomes of Every Child Matters (be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution, and enjoy economic well-being);

• provide a learning environment where all individuals see themselves reflected and feel a sense of belonging;

• prepare children for life in a diverse society in which children are able to see their place in the local, regional, national and international community.

• include and value the contribution of all families to our understanding of equality and diversity;

• provide positive non-stereotyping information about different groups of people regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion and age;

• plan systematically to improve our understanding and promotion of diversity;

• actively challenge discrimination and disadvantage;

• make inclusion a thread which runs through all our activities.

To achieve these aims we:

• involve stakeholders in the development, review, evaluation, and impact assessment of all relevant improvement plans, policies and procedures;

• collect and analyse data to ensure all groups are progressing well and no group is subject to disadvantage;

• use all available information to set suitable learning challenges for all, respond to pupils’ diverse needs and overcome any potential barriers to learning;

• ensure that the wider school curriculum makes explicit and implicit provision to promote and celebrate diversity;

• have high expectations of behaviour which demonstrates respect to others;


Cheadle Heath Primary is committed to:

• being proactive in promoting good relationships and equality of opportunity across all aspects of school life and the wider community;

• encouraging, supporting and enabling all pupils and staff to reach their potential and make a positive contribution;

• working in partnership with families, the local authority (LA) and the wider community to establish, promote and disseminate inclusive practice and tackle discrimination ensuring that our Equality and Diversity Policy is followed.

The Governing Board

It is the Governing Board’s responsibility to:

• ensure that the school complies with equality legislation;

• scrutinise the recording and reporting procedures;

• follow the LA’s admissions policy, which is fair and equitable in its treatment of all groups;

• monitor attendance and take appropriate action where necessary;

• have equal opportunities in staff recruitment and professional development and membership of the Governing Board;

• provide information in appropriate, accessible formats;

• be involved in dealing with serious breaches of the policy.

The Headteacher

It is the headteacher’s responsibility to:

• implement the policy and its strategies and procedures;

• ensure that all staff receive appropriate and relevant professional development;

• actively challenge and take appropriate action in any cases of discriminatory practice;

• deal with any reported incidents of harassment or bullying in line with LA guidance;

• ensure that all visitors and contractors are aware of, and comply with, the school’s equality and diversity policy;

• report any contraventions to the governing board.

All Staff

It is the responsibility of all staff to:

• be vigilant in all areas of the school for any type of harassment and bullying.

• deal effectively with all incidents from overt name-calling to the more subtle forms of victimisation caused by perceived differences;

• identify and challenge bias and stereotyping within the curriculum and in the resources;

• promote a positive school culture;

• promote equality and good relations and not discriminate on grounds of race, gender, religion, age and sexual orientation;

• plan for an inclusive curriculum and promote a whole school ethos which reflects our diverse society;


All breaches of the policy will be rigorously followed up using the appropriate procedures and reported to the Governing Board and LA as required.


Policy planning and development

• In the planning and development stage of policy-making, we will ensure we have consulted and taken into account stakeholder views.

• All improvement plans will be designed with an element of impact assessment built in to monitor the success of each activity.

• We will monitor achievement and attainment to ensure progress for all, especially in relation to any identified disadvantaged groups; attendance data will be reviewed to ensure no over-representation of any one group.

Monitoring and Quality Assurance

• Each pupil’s progress is monitored and tracked. The resulting data is analysed in respect of gender, race, ability or additional needs, looked-after status.

• In addition to monitoring to rule out any potential disadvantage, teacher and teaching assistant observations ensure the school meets its duty to positively promote diversity.

• The data collected is used to inform further school planning, target-setting and decision-making.

New Arrivals

Stockport has received Gateway Families since 2008. This is operated by a UK Border Agency in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Stockport Asylum Support Team (SAST) and Stockport Homes have operated a support programme since 1999.

We can

• refer to EDS (477 9000) for support or using forms on Office on-line or request an Interpreter for parents using form on Office on-line.

Best Practice for EAL Learners.

  • High expectations
  • Inclusive school environment
  • Accurate knowledge/data about children
  • Home language valued
  • Developing language across the curriculum
  • Range of resources
  • Good speaking and listening activities
  • Celebration of identity, language, culture
  • Scaffolding reading and writing activities
  • Staff training
  • Appropriate grouping
  • Equality Policy put into practice
  • Classroom displays to support learning
  • Empowering parents to support their children at home.

We have:

  • Met the medical needs of our diabetic and asthmatic children
  • Appointed staff with known disabilities and supported them in school.
  • Raised the awareness of Disability by holding annual Disability Awareness Workshops in KS2
  • Used Bi-lingual teachers when appropriate
  • Taught French in school since 2005 and continue to do so
  • Established a strong link with St John’s, Longsight, as part of the Linking Schools Project
  • Welcomed a Chinese teacher during 2011 – 12,  2012 – 13 and 2013 – 14 through the British Consulate teaching Chinese in KS2 and thus raising inter cultural understanding
  • Held staff training on Identity (March 2012) by Ethnic Diversity Service
  • Invited multi cultural speakers to assemblies to celebrate festivals including Eid & Black History Month
  • Taken part in the SEEDS Project with schools in South Africa
  • Supported an ongoing link with a school in Uganda (June 2012) and fund raise accordingly
  • Used our induction meetings to ask parents how we can help them access the school
  • Completed a school access review with a wheel chair user and completed appropriate risk assessments
  • Introduced height adjustable HD touch screen technology in all classrooms


We have a statutory responsibility to annually report annually on the effectiveness of our equality policy.  Click here to read how we fulfil our Special Educational Needs responsibility.