Introducing Reading


How we teach your child to read

  • We have a wide range of literature and several reading schemes (starting with Oxford Reading Tree).
  • We introduce letter sounds, looking for objects beginning with that sound and listening for all the sounds in words.
  • In addition to phonic knowledge we introduce key words and encourage the use of picture and context clues.
  • We provide a range of literature and print all around.
  • We provide opportunities for children to choose books and read alone, with friends and with the teacher.
  • We teach children to handle correctly, care for and respect books.
  • We read every day as a class, group or individually, and start to teach your child the skills they need in order to read independently.
  • We send home reading books and a Home/School Reading Record Book which is used as a way for teachersand parents to communicate and record each child’s progress.
  • The first books sent home may have little or no text. Don’t worry! Spend time looking at the pictures and talking about the story together as this is a very important stage in learning to read.
  • When your child reads books with text there is no pressure to finish the book or read all the words correctly.
  • We make reading fun!


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