Today’s World

Technology and the online world offer endless opportunities for young people to learn, communicate, create, discover and be entertained. We want to utilise this potential but with minimised risks to our students.

What are the risks to children?

  • When using the internet, children may be exposed to inappropriate content which may upset or embarrass them, or which could lead to their involvement in crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Some people use the internet to groom children with the ultimate aim of sexual exploitation.
  • ICT offers new weapons for bullies who may torment their victims, for instance using websites or text messages.
  • The recent surge in popularity of self-publishing and social networking sites brings new e-safety challenges, with many young people making available online some detailed – and sometimes inappropriate – personal information.
  • While the internet offers new opportunities for doing business online, it also brings with it many unscrupulous traders to whom children and young people may be particularly vulnerable.


In school all pupils follow the ‘Responsible Use Policy’.

Parents / carers need to help pupils when they are not in school to keep these risks to a minimum. The guides below give e-safety advice to parents / carers.