Children & the Computer/Phone


Do you know what your child is doing on the computer or on his/herĀ mobile phone?

Do you know what they are looking at and who they are talking to?

Firstly, you need to know the dangers of what could happen. You then need to sit with your child and talk through these dangers and work together to minimise any risks.

Some good ideas are:

  • Put the computer in a public room so you can see their sites your child is on and they can ask for help or report anything which makes them uncomfortable.
  • Do not allow children to go on to the internet in their bedrooms on their own.
  • Block the internet from mobile phones.
  • Use a good web filter on the internet at home.
  • Monitor any online gaming your child does – for example, making friends through the X Box or PS3 online gaming and emailing.
  • Disable the MSN feature on your computer.
  • Agree an online name for them if you agree to letting them log in to an online site.
  • NEVER post images and text information about yourself online that you do not want other people to see.
  • Always remember the trail you leaveĀ i.e. can any information you upload to the web lead unwanted people to your front door or school gate?