Parent Council


The Parent Council, formed in November 2009, gives parents the opportunity for good links between home and school to be established. Day to day issues can be clarified and whole school issues such as homework policy, homework and cyberbullying can be discussed together to develop the school.

The objectives of the Parent Council are –

  • To promote partnership between the school, our pupils and our parents
  • To develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of pupils
  • To identify and represent the views of parents on the education provided by the school and other matters affecting the education and welfare of the pupils


Each class has a volunteer parent representative who gathers questions / viewpoints from parents and attends the regular meetings. The meetings provide opportunities to discuss issues raised which are then reported back to parents in the newsletter.  As parents, you may have concerns, questions or an idea to propose so this is a perfect chance to have a voice! The names of the 2015 – 16 class representatives were distributed to the class they are representing in the autumn term.