Governing Board

The governors of Cheadle Heath Primary School come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some governors are from the school staff, some are parents, some are appointed by Stockport Council and others are representatives from our local community. The governors work together as a group bringing their own particular experience to support the school and to ensure that the children are getting the best possible education. They have to make important decisions about issues such as the priorities for each year, the way the curriculum is delivered and the budget. Governors act collectively: once a decision is made they all stand by it. The Governing Board has three committees. At the Resources Committee income and expenditure is monitored to ensure there is no overspend and that the budget is supporting the curriculum. At the Teaching, Learning & Assessment Committee (formerly Curriculum & Standards), the achievements & attainment of pupils are monitored and decisions made about the curriculum and at Pupil Support Committee governors discuss safeguarding, behaviour, curriculum etc.

Instrument of Governance ~ September 2015


The work of a School Governor is varied and interesting.  It can be time consuming involving challenge and debate but it is also very rewarding. The full Governing Board has termly meetings and adopts the principles of open government so staff, parents and interested members of the public are welcome to attend. All our governors volunteer to undertake this role and do not claim expenses incurred during their work as governors.

Minutes of meetings are published and available in school to anybody who wishes to read them.  You can find out about the work of Stockport Council’s School Organisation Committee and GOVAS by clicking here.  Read more about the work of the National Governors’ Association here. For more information about the role and work of a School Governor please follow the link here to Stockport Council’s School Governance web page.


Statutory Governing Board Information – latest update 22.11.17